All Authors Blog Blitz with Cyndi Harris

Hello everyone, I’m pleased to have author Cyndi Harris with us today. When she’s not busy with her two kids, Cyndi’s at her laptop coming up with new story ideas. Her love of romance novels led her to writing Lucien’s Hell Bound Angel and Heart of a Stripper. Her latest book Finding His Mrs. Right will be released on June 17th.


Multi-Millionaire Landon Brooks has it all. The cars, the money, and the occasional fling.

Until her.

Tessa Winters enters Landon’s life with one goal. To find him love. Owning her own matchmaking business, Tessa hides behind her profession to protect her own heart. But working with Landon Brooks, the over confident, arrogant, playboy, throws her off balance.

Secrets of Landon’s past, will crash into Tessa’s present, and dredge up demons she has longed to forget. Maybe being together is exactly what they need to heal…

Will he have courage enough to claim his Mrs. Right?


     “And you’re drunk.” I said, stepping out of his grasp. Turning my back to him, I picked up his sheet music again. “So, you write music?”

     “Yeah, it’s my therapy.” He replied moving up behind me.

     Sucking in a hard breath, I turned to him before asking, “Therapy from what?”

     He was so close that I could smell the fresh soap scent, of the soap that he’d just washed with. His wet body pressed against me, and got my clothes damp. My heart was screaming for me to run, but my body wanted me to stay. I knew having a hot night with Landon Brooks would be a mistake, but I couldn’t seem to want to run in the other direction.

     “My life–it’s not exactly how it seems. I’m a pretty messed up individual.” He admitted.

     “You’re not messed up.” I said, trying to lighten his mood.

     I could see by the look on his face, that he was being totally serious. As much as I wanted to learn more about Landon, I didn’t want to learn it while he was drunk. I didn’t want him to regret saying intimate details about his life with me.

     “I could write a book about how damaged I am. The hardest part of my day, is acting like I’m perfect.” He said seriously, keeping eye contact with me.

     “Landon–” I started, but whatever I was going to say had been stopped by his mouth.

     Landon had caught me off guard for the second time in two nights. He had taken my mouth as his, and to my surprise his breath was fresh. I was glad he used the toothbrush and mouthwash in his bathroom. Without warning, Landon grabbed my waist and tugged me even closer. Against my will, my arms reached up and my fingers  got tangled in his hair.

     The kiss was hot and explosive!

For more on Finding His Mrs. Right visit:

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