Westmore: Revelations

Well, it’s finally here. Westmore Revelations, the fourth volume in the Westmore series was published a few weeks ago. Out of all my books, this one took the longest to write. One reason it took so long is because I had to deal with distractions and other issues, so my original release date for April kept getting pushed back. But I overcame my distractions and after long hours at the computer, I finished Westmore: Revelations.


In the fourth volume of the series, secrets threaten the couples and families of Westmore.

*Jacob and Laura’s lives are turned upside down when their former flames return to town and stir up old feelings.

*Scott and Melissa’s long-distance relationship is threatened when he learns his girlfriend has been hanging out with Wayne Braxton.

*The truth about their mother’s death could destroy the very core of The Braxtons and drive a wedge between Andrew and Jeff.

Plus, find out what other drama awaits the beloved characters in Westmore: Revelations.


As she stood in the kitchen going over her checklist, she heard someone enter the house.
       “Excuse me, miss.”
        A stunned look came over Laura’s face, the voice was familiar, he sounds just like…no it can’t be, there’s no way. She turned to greet the contractor and almost fainted at the sight of the muscular, brunette man.  
       This can’t be real. I must be hallucinating. Before her stood Rick Harmon, her former lover, a man she thought she’d never see again.
       “Laura?” He was just as surprised to see her as she was him.
       “You’re the contractor?”
       “Yes, I am.” He should’ve made the connection between Laura and Reynolds Realty, yet it never crossed his mind. 
       “I can’t believe this. Of all the people…” Looking at him sent chills through her body.
       The moment was awkward for both of them, especially after the bad way their affair ended. Rick felt remorse for what he did to her and wanted to make amends. “Laura, I know you’re upset.”
       “Damn right, I’m upset.” Her whole body tensed as she stared at him. “You ruined my life and because of that I moved back to Westmore.”
       “I’m sorry for everything I did,” he said with sincerity in his voice.
       “Do you expect me to believe that?”  
       “I’m telling the truth.” He moved closer to her, yet she distanced herself. “Laura, I really did love you.”
       Listening to him say the words made her sick. “If you did how come you moved on with that other woman?” 
       “I was scared.” He held out his hands to block her from running away. “After the truth came out, I knew we couldn’t be together and that’s why I moved on with Chandra. It was a stupid move, one I regret.” 
       “You can say that again.” Her face became flushed as she recalled the horrible way people treated her after news of the affair spread about town. “I was vilified. People were calling me every name in the book. Everywhere I went they harassed me.”
       “Laura, I’m sorry. I should’ve done something.”
       “But you didn’t.” Feeling tears forming she turned away and wiped her eyes.
       Rick wanted to comfort her, but he refrained. “I really am sorry for what I did. If I could take it all back I would.”
       The more he talked the more she became upset. Unable to take anymore she started towards the door, but stopped to face Rick one last time. “You ruined my life once and you’re not going to do it again.” 

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