The Life of a Writer

You know Hollywood makes the life of a writer seem easy, all they do is stay home all day and write, then they let the money come rolling in.

I’m sure all new writers dream of this scenario, but it’s just a fantasy.

I admit when I started my writing career I was a bit naive and I thought it’d be like in the movies. When I think about it now, I feel like a fool and want to kick myself for acting so silly.

What people don’t realize is that not all writers stay home full-time. A majority of them have day jobs and even though it keeps them busy, they still pursue their writing dreams. Besides writing and editing the manuscript, authors also have to devote time to promotion, which is hard given millions of authors already out there. While some authors are lucky enough, others have to struggle with getting their book noticed and increasing their books sales. 

There’s a lot of work that goes into a book and writers have a tough job ahead of them. So for all you aspiring writers out there remember, the life of a writer isn’t easy and be prepared for the long road ahead.

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