B&B: Eric’s Lost His Mind

As all of you know by now, I’m a soap opera fanatic. I love to post about the shows and I used to have a blog on Bubblews, but with the recent changes I don’t post on the site anymore. So now I’m going to be sharing my opinion on my personal blog. I promise, I won’t go too crazy with my ramblings.

Anyway, today’s topic is about Eric’s decision to keep Rick as CEO on B&B.

I’m sure all B&B fans are thinking WTH?
Viewers were expecting Eric to oust Rick due to his son’s erratic behavior, but in true B&B fashion Eric sided with Rick and asked him to stay on as CEO. The reason for Eric’s decision: money.
Eric was so impressed with the quarterly reports that he decided Rick is the best fit to run Forrester Creations. So I guess the Forrester patriarch, who’s all about family doesn’t care that Rick fired a gun at Ridge or has been bullying Ally and Ivy, Eric’s granddaughter and niece. To make matters worse, Eric allowed Rick and Maya to stay in the mansion permanently, while he moves into the guest house. Stephanie must be rolling in her grave at all these shenanigans (speaking of which, it’s time Ghost Stephanie comes back to knock some sense into her husband, and to scare Rick and Maya out of her home).
As if that wasn’t enough to infuriate viewers, Eric accepted Rick’s apology and acted like all of Rick’s misdeeds were forgiven. Rick got off with just a warning and an “I’m proud of you, son” from his father. Meanwhile, Ridge and Caroline get scolded for hurting poor Ricky Boy.
It’s storylines and characters like this that’s making B&B go downhill. They reward the bad characters while the good characters suffer
I know Rick and Maya have brought some much needed excitement to the show, but their antics have gone on too far and it’s time they got knocked down a peg. Here’s hoping that Bill and Liam succeed in their plan to take control of Forrester Creations and kick Rick out of office.

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