Authors Taking the Easy Way Out

This week Facebook was lit up with drama, but then again when isn’t it?
The reason for this uproar is due to an author, who set up a GoFundMe campaign asking people for money to fund her full-time writing career. I won’t reveal this author’s name, but if you’re on Facebook, I’m sure you’ve seen it mentioned.
The action of this author has other authors fuming, saying it isn’t right for her to ask readers to donate so she can pursue her writing dream. On her page, the author talks about the hardships of writing and how she wishes to be a full-time author.
News flash! Every author has been down that road, you’re not the first one and you certainly won’t be the last.
As authors, when we decided to pursue our writing dreams, we knew there’d be challenges along the way. Aside from writing, we also work other jobs in order to pay the bills. Sure, we’d love to be able to write full-time, but unfortunately it isn’t possible. Yet, we continue to strive, hoping that one day we can achieve our dream of writing full-time.
In life there aren’t any easy passes, if you want something you’ve got to work hard for it. There are obstacles along the way, but you’ve got to learn to overcome them, that’s one of the biggest parts in pursuing your dream. When you work hard to achieve your dreams, you feel a sense of accomplishment. At the end, you realize all the work and challenges were worth it.
Tell me, where’s the sense of accomplishment if you take the easy way out.  
Personally, I’d rather work hard and earn my dues. As for the author and her GoFundMe account, I wonder how they feel. Do they feel a sense of accomplishment knowing she’s relying on others to make her dream come true? Do they feel guilty for taking their reader’s money?
Based on some of the comments I’ve read, the author doesn’t care what others think. They still stand behind their actions; they see nothing wrong with it and are quick to shut down anybody who criticizes them.
Since the author continues to go ahead with their GoFundMe plan, all I’ve got to say is good luck and don’t let it come back to bite you.

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