Thirty-One Gifts

Greeting everyone!

Two weeks ago I started this new blog and one of the things I said I was going to do is share product reviews. So today I’m going to be talking about Thirty-One Gifts and some of my favorite items from the company.


For those of you who aren’t family with Thirty-One Gifts, they sell a variety of products. Everything from handbags to totes to pouches to jewelry. So whether you’re looking for a new purse or need some organization for your home, Thirty-One Gifts has a little of everything.

I was introduced to the company when I attended an online Facebook party thrown by one of my friends. I liked the variety of items they had and the prints they came in were cute. I’ll admit some of the stuff is a little expensive, but they do have items for under $20 and sometimes they’ll have outlet sales with 40-50% off.

Since the online Facebook party, I’ve indulged in some Thirty-One products and I’m going to be talking about a few of my favorite pieces. Also, I want to invite everyone to a Thirty-One Facebook party tomorrow night. Feel free to stop by to check out the new styles for spring, have fun, and enter for a chance to win a prize.

Thirty-One Facebook Party

Suite Skirt Purse

You’ve heard of interchangeable jewelry, well this is what I like to call the interchangeable purse. The purse and the skirts are sold individually, which is kind of a downside. The skirts come in a variety of prints. Above, I have the Black Chevron, Paisley Day, and Pink Floral. It’s easy to changed the skirts, all it takes is hooking and snapping it into place and you’re all set. If you’re like me and a purse lover, but don’t want to spend money on a new purse style every couple of months, I suggest using the Suite Skirt Purse.

The Organizing Shoulder Bag


As you can tell by now I’m a purse fanatic.

This is another one of my favorite purses from Thirty-One. It’s a shoulder bag and I admit when I received it in the mail I was surprised by how big it was. Even though, I’m not used to carry a purse that big around, I have to say I love the roominess of it. I can fit just about anything in there. I put a magazine, books, a water bottle, snack, zipper pouch, and makeup. This bag is great to hold all your essentials when you’re out running errands.

Double Duty Caddy

I’m a bit disorganized when it comes to my home, but the Double Duty Caddy has made it easier to get organized. You can use the caddy for just about anything, but what I love to use it for and this may sound weird, I use it to store my books. I’m an avid reader and I’ve got tons of books. When I ran out of space on my bookcase, I resorted to using the caddy to place my books.

Oh-Snap Bins


The oh-snap bins is another great item to have for organization. You can either hang the item on the wall or set it on the counter depending on your preference. The bins are great for holding anything, if you have small paperbacks they can be used to store them. If you’re a crafty person it can be used to store all your supplies. Or you can place your cosmetics in them, like I do.





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