My Writing Room

Hello Everyone.

Today is the first day of Authors Blog Challenge, a project created by author S. Valentine. The basis for the challenge is for people to get to know you better. Each Friday, there’s a different topic to write about and you have to share your post on social media using the hashtag #LifeBooksWriting

I’m excited to be participating in the challenge and sharing my life with everyone. I encourage authors to join in on the fun. Everyone’s welcome to participate.


My Writing Room

Today’s topic is my writing room.

My writing room happens to be in my bedroom. I actually like having my desk set up in the bedroom because it’s very peaceful back there. Although, there are times when certain family members may come bursting in the room distracting me. That’s when I have to shoo them away.

There’s a certain visitor who love to help when I’m writing. My cat Pudding will occasionally come into my room make himself comfy on my desk. It can be a hassle writing with Pudding on the desk, but I do the best I can trying to work around a cat.


Now, I will admit I’m a bit messy and my bedroom looks chaotic. You can see just how messy I am with the desk pics. I won’t share pics of the other parts of the room because they’re messier, trust me you don’t want to see it. I’ve been slacking on my spring cleaning, but I do plan to get my room organized one of these days when I have free time.

Getting back to my desk, I’ve got several items near my writing sanctuary. I have notepads, pens, and planners to help stay on top of the tasks for the day. I’ve got posters on the wall along with figurines of angels, dolphins, and teddy bears on the TV stand, something to give me a quick pick me up if I’m having a bad day.


Despite the messiness, I enjoy my writing room. It’s my little haven, where I can relax, turn on some music, and immerse myself in the next story running through my head.


I hope you all enjoyed reading about my writing room. Please come back next week, when I’ll be talking about the next topic for the Authors Blog Challenge.



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