Book Review: Ghostsitter by Shelly Brown


Title: Ghostsitter

Author: Shelly Brown

Genre: Middle grade, mystery, paranormal

Publisher: Future House Publishing

Book Link:

*I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review*

Reading Ghostsitter, took me back to the days when I read R.L. Stine. In a way, this reminded me of one of Stine’s books.

The story is about Tiffany Hart, a popular student, whose life is changed following an incident at a haunted slaughterhouse. After the incident, Tiffany is followed by three ghost children, who quickly disrupt her life. Tiffany seeks help from her friend, Justin Henderson. Unlike Tiffany, Justin is unpopular and other kids are creeped out by his ability to see ghosts. As Justin and Tiffany work together, their research uncovers an orphanage and sinister ghosts with secrets.

Overall, the story was quite enjoyable. It’s something that I think kids would enjoy; I mean who doesn’t love a good ghost story. The story offers a couple of humorous spots as the ghost kids inflict chaos on Tiffany. Due to their actions, Tiffany’s friends and family begin to think she’s gone crazy. There was a lot of suspense in the book, I was curious about what was going to happen to Tiffany and if she and Justin would learn the truth about the ghosts.

I also liked how Tiffany and Justin grew closer during their research. As Tiffany spends time with Justin, she sees him in a new light. With the ghosts disturbing her life, Tiffany starts to become an outcast and realizes how unfairly she’s treated others.

This is a wonderful book that I believe both parents and kids will love.


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