Top 5 Books

Welcome to Week 6 of the Authors Blog Challenge.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading all the posts from the challenge. As always, you’re more the welcome to join in the challenge. You can post as often as you’d like. The topics are fun and it’s a great way to get active with blogging.


Today’s post is my top 5 favorite books and why.

For me, this was a difficult challenge because I’ve read so many great books, both indie and traditionally published. It was a challenge to choose just 5 books. I had to think a while about what books would I put in my top 5 list. Eventually, I narrowed it down to five. I think you may be surprised at a few of the choices, but these are the type of books I enjoy reading.

Ghosts of Virginia

As I mentioned before I’m a paranormal buff, especially reading about real life cases. Ghosts of Virginia is the first book by L.B. Taylor that soon catapulted into a series. After the first book was released, Taylor received more information about haunted sites across the state that led him to producing 13 volumes along with a few spinoffs. Taylor’s writing is easy to read and he does a great job of capturing the paranormal and history aspects of the regions across Virginia.

Keeping Faith by Janice MacDonald

Keeping Faith (A Little Secret) by [Macdonald, Janice]

This book is important because it’s the first romance book I ever read. Prior to that, I’d never read a Harlequin, much less a romance novel. I got the book for free from Harlequin, but it sat on my bookshelf for a while before I decided to read it. At the time, I was thinking of writing a romance book and I wanted some inspiration to help me. This story about second chance love and a secret child drew me in from the start and thanks to it; I knew romance is what I wanted to write.

Concordant Vibrancy volume 1

Okay, I may be showing a bit of favoritism here, but I had to include an All Authors book. There are so many great books from the publishing house that it was hard to choose, but I decided to go with their anthology Concordant Vibrancy volume 1. The authors come together showcasing a collection of stories that fit with the theme unity. You’ll find every genre from romance to sci-fi to erotica is included in this anthology. These short stories give you a glimpse into the work from the writers of All Authors.

Outer Bank Mysteries & Seaside Stories

I had to include a book about North Carolina ghosts because as a kid we used to vacation in the beaches of North Carolina. Being a ghost lover, I had to stock up on books about ghosts along the Carolina coast. This is one of the first books I bought while on vacation. The book is written by a retired Charles Harry Whedbee, a retired judge, who wanted to share the history of the Carolina coast. Much like L.B. Taylor with the Ghosts of Virginia books, Whedbee does an amazing job of capturing the history and paranormal elements of the Carolina beaches.

All Pets Go To Heaven

Yes, another paranormal book. You should know by now this is mostly what I read. I’m an animal lover and I’ve always been curious about what happens to them when they pass on to the other side. I’m a huge fan of Sylvia Browne, her take on animals and the afterlife is very informative. She explains in depth what happens to our fur babies and how their spirit is still around us.

There you have it, my top 5 books. Now it’s time for you to sound off. What are your top 5 books and why?







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