Movie Dream Cast

As authors we dream about our books one day being on the big screen. In fact, some of us have picked out the cast in case one day Hollywood comes calling.

That’s the focus of today’s post, my dream movie cast.

I already did one post with the Westmore series so I decided to do Going Home Again today.

So without further ado, here’s the cast of Going Home Again.

Rachel Mitchell: Blake Lively

To me Blake was the perfect choice for New York fashion photographer, Rachel Mitchell. Blake’s a New Yorker and fashion icon herself, so that fits with Rachel’s lifestyle. Also, Blake’s got the acting chops to pull off a Virginia gal, who suddenly finds herself at a crossroads in her life.

Cole Ashton: Chris Evans

Out of all the Hollywood hunks, I chose Mr. Evans for the role of Rachel’s ex, Cole Ashton. Chris has that perfect combination of manliness and sensitivity that makes up Cole’s character.

Jessica Mitchell: Jennifer Lawrence

If the Hunger Games star dyes her hair brown; she’d be perfect as Rachel’s school teacher sister. Jessica is an important part of the story as Rachel’s confidante, offer her older sister advice in the love department.

Peyton Mitchell: Vanessa Hudgens

The former High School Musical star is the perfect choice for Peyton, Rachel’s  rockstar sister. Not only does she share the character’s physical features, but also the rebellious side, which makes Peyton stand out among the sisters.

Laney Mitchell: AnnaSophia Robb

Out of the younger actresses, I think she’s a good fit as the young of the Mitchell sisters. AnnaSophia has the look Laney’s precocious personality, but she also has the talent to pull off Laney’s grief.

Edie Higgins: Frances Sternhagen

When I was writing the story; I kept visualizing the actress as family matriarch Edie. Much like her Sex and the City character Mrs. MacDougal, Edie is very ladylike. Sternhagen to me captures the homebody image of Edie, who loves to cook, garden, and take care of her granddaughters. Also, with her mannerisms, she’d be perfect as Edie lectures about the importance of family.



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