Motivation Techniques

Greetings Readers.

It’s another week and another topic for the Authors Blog Challenge. As always, the challenge is open to all authors so feel free to jump in any time.


Today’s topic is motivation techniques.

As an author every once in a while I need a kick in the butt to get motivated.There’s been a couple of times when I needed an extra jolt just to get going.

Here’s a few tips that I find helpful when in need of a creative boost.



The biggest motivator I find with creativity is music. If I’m feeling blocked, I’ll put in my earbuds or go to YouTube to crank up some tunes. Within a matter of minutes, my brain’s think of ideas and I’m hurrying to write them down.

Writing Challenges


This is something I used to do in the past. I haven’t done them in a while, but I’m itching to get back into it.

Most of the time when we have a goal to complete, it’s good to challenge ourselves.

Last year, when I was having trouble getting into the groove, I participated in the monthly challenges thanks to

The goal is to either write 500 words or edit for 1 hour each day. You then mark your progress using the site’ form and using the monthly hashtag on Twitter.

I loved participating in these challenges, it was a great motivator because each day I aimed to complete my goal. At the end of each month, I was proud to see how much I had accomplished thanks to the challenges.

Look back on your work

Another huge motivator for me is looking back on my work throughout the years.

I’ll either re-read one of my books or look through my notebook of ideas. Reading what you’ve accomplished, gives you a sense of pride and it makes you want to work that much hard at writing. After reading through my previous work, I want to get started on my next project.


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