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Welcome to Paradise, a sleepy, backwater town in the mountains of Southeastern Arizona where police chief Luke Hollis is perfectly content to concentrate on nothing but issuing the occasional speeding ticket. Well that and working up the nerve to approach his dispatcher, Ruby Brooks, for a date.

When an unexplained healing occurs during a service at the Mount Moriah Pentecostal Church of God, Hollis finds his simple belief system challenged and his life changed forever. Throw in a struggling minister, a world-class grifter, and a stranger with an unbelievable story of love and redemption and the stage is set for The Miracle Man. By the time it’s all over everyone involved will come face to face with a power that’s greater and more wonderful than any of them could have ever imagined.


The Miracle Man is a touching story that will make you question your belief in miracles. Set in the small town of Paradise, a string of miracles occur leaving the police chief Luke Hollis searching for a logical explanation.

What drew me into the book the most is the setting and the characters. The authors does a wonderful job of explaining the scenery and the everyday activities of the characters. I was drawn to all the characters, everyone from Luke Hollis to Ruby to Esperanza.

Everything from the setting to the characters to the plot was great. I enjoyed reading this book.

About Buck:


In 1998 Americana songwriter and novelist, Buck Storm, entered the international music scene with his debut CD, “Goodbye from Venus.” The album began receiving outstanding reviews from critics worldwide. Many albums later and what he describes as “too many miles to remember,” Buck is recognized as a songwriter’s songwriter and has made friends in venues around the world.

Christian first, artist second, Buck is a storyteller and his work flows out of those stories. Although he has shared the stage with some of the world’s greatest songwriters and musicians, his approach to performing is somewhat different than many. “I don’t want this to be just another show. We’re all in this together. I want an audience to feel that. To see and hear love and truth in every word of every story and every note of every song. If I call myself Christian, I need to act like Christ. And Jesus was a radical. He loved people where they were and for who they were, not for what they had to offer.”

2015 saw Buck’s debut as a novelist. His first book, The Miracle Man, was released into the wild (Heritage Beacon Publishing) garnering excellent reviews and a 5 STAR Amazon rating. Book two is slated for release November 2016.

Buck, whether solo or as one half of “Stonehill and Storm” with Gospel Music Hall of Fame member and legendary Christian artist Randy Stonehill, plays live throughout America and the world, in venues that range anywhere from churches to concert halls, prisons to soup kitchens to barrooms. Whether you catch him in an intimate setting or large venue, you will be touched. Sit back and enjoy the scenery. It’s worth it!

“I write about cities and small towns, the ghosts that hover around the edges, dreams and dreamers, families, broken and whole, sin, redemption and the struggle in between, love, squalor, motels, churches, kings, and the common man. I write about this mixed-up, out of control, horribly beautiful cacophony of humanity that God loves so much He gave His only Son to die for. I write about life as I see it, or sometimes just how I’d like it to be. Whatever it is, it’s from the heart and as honest as I can make it.”
– Buck Storm


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