Life in 5 Years

Welcome Everyone!

It’s a new month and a new topic for Authors Blog Challenge.


Today’s topic is how I envision life in 5 years.


What I would like is to be a screenwriter in Hollywood. Screenwriting is something I’ve always been interested in; I think it’d be cool to write for television. I would love it if my books would be turned into a TV series. Since most of my books are kind of like a soap opera, it’d be cool to see my ideas come to life on screen.


I know odds of that happening are a million to one.

jim carrey chance dumb and dumber hopeful so youre telling me theres a chance

Couldn’t resist throwing in a Dumb and Dumber reference

So realistically, I envision myself in five years continuing my writing career. By that time, I plan to have the Westmore series completed. I’m planning to hit 10 volumes before I decided to end the series. Aside from the Westmore series, I hope to have  at lease half of my other projects completed. Right now, I’ve got a bunch of book ideas I’m anxious to get started on. Within the next couple of years, I hope to have a few of the books published.


Aside from my writing, I also hope to make strides in my freelancing career. With the money, I’m saving I hope to have enough to one day buy me a nice house. By then, I hope to have met my Mr. Right and we’ll have settled down to raise our little family.





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