How Westmore got its name

Greetings Everyone!

Welcome to another session of Carol’s Corner.


Today’s question is an interesting one.

Why “Westmore” as the title? What does it mean, if anything, and why did you choose it? Also, if you could name the series anything else, what would that be?

As I’ve mentioned in the past, Westmore is the name of the fictional town I created for the book series.

When coming up with the name for the town, I wanted something that would be memorable. I needed a name that would capture the sophistication and coziness of the small town I created.


I’m the type of person who likes to experiment with names. Sometimes I’ll combine words create new ones. One day I was mixing words together to see what clicked. I was trying to find something to work with the word West, then the word More popped into my head. After pronouncing it a couple of times, it rolled off my tongue so I decided to go with it.


As for the title of the series, I was contemplating using something different. I wanted a title that evoked the soap opera vibe of the books, yet I didn’t want it to be cheesy.

I thought about Broken Hearts or Shattered Hearts. I thought those titles were great for evoking the drama and romance aspects of the series. But at the time, I wasn’t too keen on the names.


After having a hard time coming up with a new name, I decided to use Westmore as the title. I’ve seen a bunch of authors use the town names for their series and I chose to do the same with mine. I figured Westmore would be a catchy title to grab the reader’s attention. Then with each volume of the series, I use to subtitle to reflect the theme of the book. For instance volume 4 is called Westmore: Revelations because in that book a lot of secrets are exposed.

As for the question of would I change the name of the series.

I have thought about what it would’ve been like if I used the original titles of Broken Hearts or Shattered Hearts. Now that I’ve had time to reflect, I realize they weren’t such bad names. Then again, I love Westmore as a title and I don’t think I could change it.


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