Caught Between Worlds by G.P. Gadbois



Caught Between Worlds
Contemporary Romance / PNR
By G.P. Gadbois
Publisher: Roane Publishing
Release Date: August 15, 2016
Keywords: Romance, contemporary, paranormal, ghosts, friendship, adventure, road trip

Gabrielle and three college friends must deal with a temporary setback when they are stranded in St. Clair, USA. Her holiday unravels in a series of exhilarating events. Her salvation, the handsome deputy Brady, succeeds in keeping her safe and captures her heart.

Deputy Richard Brady’s peaceful life ceases when Gabrielle shows up at his door. It is his duty to keep the charming Canadian safe from the life threatening supernatural activities, but his personal motives frighten him more than the danger itself.

Will love conquer and bring them together after Gabrielle returns home?

Excerpt 1:

“Hello, Sleeping Beauty.” Suzanne’s eyes held Gabrielle’s for a second in the rear view mirror. “Don’t mind Julie, she’s grumpy.”

Julie closed her book. “She won’t let me drive.”

“She never lets me drive either.” Light humor failed, menacing eyes glared back. “Any food left? I’m starving.”

Julie kicked the small cooler between their feet.

Jeez, she’s in a mood. Gabrielle found a handful of grapes. “I don’t see snow. How long ‘til we arrive?”

Wendy raised a map and pointed to Pennsylvania like a TV anchor girl. “We’re here and Virginia Beach is here so, give or take, another six hours.”

“Perfect.” I’m doomed.

The old Ford creaked, conveying her sympathy.

Suzanne grimaced. “I got off the main highway a while back. I hope we’ll find a nice place to stretch and eat.”

“Will you please let Jules drive afterward?” Gabrielle feared Julie’s behavior would escalate and spark a feud. The pretty ‘petite blonde’ had a temper.


The car jerked.

Julie pushed the front seat. “Sue, that’s annoying. Stop hitting the brakes.”

“Cut it out. I’m not.”

“Uh-oh,” Julie’s tone softened. “We might need to stop sooner than expected.”

“I better pull over,” Sue said.

Julie craned her neck and stared over Sue’s shoulder. “I wouldn’t. The engine light’s not on, so it might not be serious. Maybe it’s bad gas or something stupid.”

“A light just came on,” Wendy cried. “You jinxed it!”

Roane Publishing:

About the Author:
G.P. is Canadian. A wife and mother of three who works in school bus transportation. In her last year of high school, she enjoyed writing a weekly column published in the French newspaper in her home town. Writing took a back seat for years and now that her children are grown, it’s become her favorite hobby.
Entertaining others is like breathing – it is part of who she is.
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