Favorite Household Appliance

Welcome Everyone to Day 2 of #AKwritingchallenge

Household appliances are part of our everyday lives.

They help keep things running and make our lives a little easier. But how do you determine which appliance is your favorite.

With me, it’s hard to choose just one. So I’ve included a list of my top appliances.


I’ll say it; I’d be lost without my computer. Since I work from home, it’s the #1 thing I use. Every day I log on to write, do research, and work on other tasks. If I wasn’t able to use my computer or work, I think I’d go crazy.



Everybody jokes around that I’m a TV addict, and I’d say they’re probably right. I have the TV running pretty much all day in the household. Throughout the day, I’ll have it tuned in to one of my favorite shows. Most of the time I don’t watch the screen, I just like to have the noise to help keep me preoccupied.



I really don’t cook much in this house, instead I’ll eat a frozen dinner. So if I’m in a hurry to eat lunch, I’ll just pop a pizza or a TV dinner into the microwave to save time.


What is your favorite household appliance?


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