Trapped with a TV character

Today’s topic for #AKwritingChallenge is one I’m excited about. I know I say that a lot about my posts, but this one’s my favorite so far.

Here’s the question so you can see for yourself.

You have to live with a character from a television show on a desert island for 2 years. Who? Why? Do you kill or marry them before it ends?

When thinking about this question, the first character that popped into my mind is Steve McGarrett from Hawaii Five-0. Played by the very handsome Alex O’Louglin.


I’ll let everyone take a moment to enjoy his good looks.

Image result for Alex O'Loughlin Shirt Off


I didn’t choose him because of his good looks, although I have to admit I wouldn’t mind seeing him parading around in his swim trunks. The main reason is because McGarrett he knows how to survive in any situation. If you watch the show, you know that Steve is just like MacGyver. All he needs is a few simple tools and he can work his way out of anything.

Being stuck with him on an island, I know I’ll be in good hands. He’d know how to set up camp, find food, build a fire, and protect us from dangerous predators.

As for the question of whether I’d kill or marry him after two years, the answer’s obvious.

I’d marry him in a heartbeat.



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