Least Favorite Snack Food


I’m a bit of a junk food addict.

Yes, I know it’s bad, but I can’t help it, it tastes so good. I love chips, pretzels, cookies, and candy. It’s hard to choose my least favorite.

But if I have to answer, I’d say I’m not a fan of spicy chips.

The reason is because it’s too hot and it tends to burn my mouth.

Anything with the words Spicy, Red Hot, Flamin Hot, or Jalapeno in the name, I stay clear of. Although, it’s tough in this house because my younger brother likes spicy food. He’s always stocking up on spicy chips, then he tries to goads me into eating one.

There’s been a couple of times where he’s gotten me to try a spicy chip, then the next thing I know I’m reaching for a bottle of water.




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