The Cheesehead Devotional Blog Tour

Hey everyone – this is for all you Packer fans! Judy DuCharme’s Cheesehead Devotional is the perfect daily read for Cheeseheads, but don’t be surprised if you devour it in a mere afternoon. Read on to learn more! the-cheesehead-devotional-banner

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The Cheesehead Devotional is a great adventure for those who may not pick up a Bible for guidance.”~ Sara White, wife of the late Reggie White

Sometimes humorous and sometimes serious, Judy shows us that walking with God is as fun as watching a Packer game. By combining the love of football with insights from the Word of God, the reader will find this book fun, inspirational, and even life-changing.

“I have always believed the Packers were religion in these parts. The Cheesehead Devotional brings that spiritual message to life.” ~ Wayne Larrivee, American sportscaster and current play-by-play announcer for the Green Bay Packers

“I am certain you will love this little book. Judy has captured the true heart of a Christian Packer fan!”~ Rev, Arni Jacobson

A witty, uplifting and truthful approach that all Packer fans will appreciate. It s definitely a must read for all Cheeseheads. Joy Lang, owner of Jerry’s Flowers

Family, Our Faith and The Green Bay Packers. Judy has captured the true meaning of our Lord being in our daily lives, not only on the football field but in everything we do. This book is very inspirational as well as being educational. I highly recommend it to all Green Bay Packer fans young and old. #GOPACKGO. Bonita Favre (Brett s mom)

Judy DuCharme became a Packer fanatic in 1984. In The Cheesehead Devotional, she uses Packer events to lead readers into God’s presence.


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