Happy Saturday everyone!

Today marks the beginning of a new blogging challenge called #WingWritingChallenge. It was created by JC Wing; by the way if you haven’t checked out her books, I recommend you do.

Sorry, I had to get a plug in there.

Anyway for day 1 of #WingWritingChallenge, the topic is sun.

When I think of the sun, I think of summer. Then when I think of summer, I think of hot, humid weather that makes me miserable.

As a kid, I’d love to get outside to play during the summer. But now, as I’ve gotten older and the weather’s gotten hotter. I can barely make it ten minutes before I’m ready to go inside.

Plus, another reason I’ve started to stay out of the sun is because I get sunburnt. When I was a kid it was tough. If I’d stay out in the sun too long, my body would turn pink.  Even when I had on sunscreen, I’d still get burnt. Now that I’m older, I hardly ever get sunburnt anymore.

I do get outside some of the time, it’s not like I spend all day indoors. But if it’s on a day where the sun’s blazing hot, I cut my outside time short.

Are you the type of person who avoids the sun?


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