My fondest memory of vacation is when our family went to Emerald Isle, NC.

I briefly talk about the place during my dream beach house post, but today I’m going to delve more into the place.

My parents used to go there all the time when they were younger, then in 1998 that’s when they took us to the beach.

Emerald Isle is a small, beach town. What I love most about it is the peaceful atmosphere. It’s not a party town like most beach cities; it’s a more family-friendly place.

The hotel we stayed out was close to the beach. All we had to do was take a short walk and we’d be down on the sand. I loved walking on the beach, collecting seashells. Every year, I’d come home with a bag full of shells.


During the early morning and afternoons, we were either swimming in the ocean or the motel’s pool. The later we’d go sightseeing around the town.

One thing I loved about our motel is it was close to town. Every night, we’d go walking to the nearby souvenir shops. My mom would stock up on lighthouse figurines, while I was more interested in books and shirts. I remember there was one shop called Fran’s, that sold seashell jewelry. Everytime I went in there, I’d buy a seashell ring.

Another thing about Emerald Isle is that like other North Carolina beach towns, it’s ripe with history. You can learn about the lives of Civil War soldiers at Fort Macon, then learn about Blackbeard and other pirates at the Maritime Museum.

I have so many wonderful memories of our vacations in Emerald Isle. One day, I hope to go back there to relive those special moments.


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