What Makes You Smile?


With so much sadness in our world, it’s tough to be happy.

We’ve all got a lot of worry, sometimes we get stressed, angry, or sad.

There’s bound to be bad days.

But there’s also good days, and the way to add happiness into your life is to smile.

There’s lots of things that make us smile.

Family, friends, pets, good news, or seeing the beauty of nature.

For me, I smile when I hear a funny joke, watch a good comedy, see cute animal photos, or if one of my pets does something funny.

No matter what type of day you’re having, you can always count on something to make you smile. Whether it’s something small like a compliment or something big such as a raise at work.

There’s always happiness to be found. Something that comes along to brighten your day.

What are some things that make you smile?






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