Page 42 of WIP

Today’s topic for #WingWritingChallenge is page 42.

Now, it could mean one of two things.

Share page 42 of the book I’m reading.


Share page 42 of my current WIP.

Since I’m the type of person who reads multiple books, it’d take all day to share the pages from the books I’m reading.

So I’m going to share a snipped from my current WIP.


Today, I’m going to be posting about volume 8 in the Westmore series.I haven’t released volume 7 yet, but I’m planning to soon. As for volume 8, I’m hoping to have that published next year.

Before I begin, I’ll give you a little backstory about the series. Westmore is what I refer to as a literary soap opera. The book have a variety of characters who are all connected in some way. Throughout the series, the characters will experience romance, drama, heartache, and betrayal.

Two of the characters in the series are Charlotte Green and Jim Bryant. Charlotte’s a widow with four grown children, who finds love with Jim after her rescues her from a dangerous incident. They’re one of my favorite couples because it’s hard not to root for them. You want Charlotte to find love despite her fears, and Jim’s the right man for her.

In this scene, Charlotte and Jim visit her husband’s grave to tell him news of their engagement. Charlotte wants to do this because she needs closure from her past in order to move on with Jim.

So without further ado, here’s the snippet from Westmore 8.



She drew in a deep breath and began. “Hello, Michael.” She paused and felt Jim give a reassuring pat on her back, nothing about this was normal, yet everything about her life wasn’t normal. “I brought a visitor with me.” She held out her hand and Jim cradled it in his. “This is Jim; you’ve heard me talk about him.” She waited to see if anything would happen, maybe some sort of sign would appear, yet everything was calm. “He wanted to come with me, I know it sounds weird, but he wants you to know his intentions. So please hear him out.”

She turned to Jim and motioned for him to start talking. Jim acted fine before their arrival, but now that they were at the cemetery his nerves got the best of him. She rubbed his arm prodding him to go on.

“Hi, Michael.” Jim’s voice cracked, clearing his throat he began again. “I’ve heard a lot about you and you’ve heard about me too.” He moved a little closer to the grave. “As you’re well aware, Charlotte and I are getting married. She’s an amazing woman; I’m blessed to have her in my life.” He glanced back at her, offering a smile. “Michael, I wanted to let you know that nobody’s going to forget about you. You’re an important part of Charlotte and the kids’ lives. I can never replace you.” He inched closer to the tombstone. “I’ve been in a similar situation with my father and stepfather. I was worried that my dad was going to be forgotten, but my stepdad made sure my father was still part of my life. He visited the grave with me and helped celebrate the milestones.” Jim sniffled; he wasn’t sure if it was the cold or if he was choking up, although he was leaning more towards the latter.

Charlotte came up to him, rubbing his back she asked if he was okay.

“Michael, you were a remarkable man. You had a beautiful wife and four amazing children. I promise I’m going to take very good care of them, no harm will come to them.” Jim felt Charlotte huddle up beside him. “I know you’re looking out for them from above and I’m doing it down here. Our love for them is what we have in common. I love Charlotte more than anything and the kids; I treat them like they were my own.” A small smile pressed on his lips, then his mood turned serious again. “But like I said earlier, there’s no way I can ever replace you. You’re an important part of the family and your legacy’s going to live on, I promise you.”

Charlotte’s gloved hands touched his cheek. “Thank you.” She rested her head on his shoulder. “This was hard on you, but I appreciate you coming here.”

“I had to do it.” He let out a breath. “It’s therapeutic to get your feelings out. I had to let him know where I stood.”

A snowflake fell on the stone; they looked up to see more floating to the ground. “I thought it wasn’t supposed to start until this afternoon.” Charlotte raised her palm catching the flakes.

“Actually, I think it may be something else.” Jim’s eyes moved to the grave. “I think Michael may have sent us a sign.”



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