I wish…


When we were kids we used to make wishes.

How many of you remember wishing on a star? Or making a wish when you blew on a dandelion. Then of course, we can forget the wishes while blowing out birthday candles.

As kids we made all sorts of wishes. For instance, we wished for more money with our allowance, getting a new toy, or no school for the rest of the year.

Odds are the last one didn’t come true, but still it’s fun to make wishes.

As you get older, you find your wishes changing.

Many people wish for things like winning the lottery, a new car, a tropical vacation, or losing weight.

I like many others, would love to have all these things.

But I know odds are they won’t come true.

The one wish that I have is for all my family and friends to be happy.

It may sound cliché, but I’ve had my loved ones go through a difficult times. I just want them to find the peace and happiness they deserve.

That’s my one wish for everyone.


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