What’s in my fridge


Today’s topic is about my fridge.

I’m not sharing any pics of my fridge because it’s a bit of a mess.

My mom loves to stock up on food and our fridge is full. To give you a visual, it’s so packed that whenever you open the door something falls out.

In our fridge, you’ll mostly find frozen foods. Pizza is the number one item you’ll find. Then of course there’s an assortment of TV dinners, milk, water, soda, eggs, butter, and candy. I could go on and on naming foods, but I’m sure you get the picture.

Every week in our house, my mom cooks a meal. Sometimes it’s a casserole, tacos, pasta, chicken, or hamburgers and hot dogs. When she cooks, she cooks a lot. We usually have enough food to last for 3 days at the most.

Some other items you’ll find in our fridge is ketchup, mustard, mayo, barbeque sauce, ranch dressing, and other condiments.

That’s just some of the stuff you’ll find in my fridge.

What do you keep in your fridge?


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