Special Memory

I’ve shared so many memories during the writing challenges. I’ve talked about my first job, beach vacations, winter activities, and other family memories.

Today, my special memory is about my grandma Cassada aka Myrt or GG as we would later call her.


She passed away in May of 2013, after a battle with Alzheimer’s.

I miss her dearly, but the memories of her remain with me.

My favorite memories are with the time spent with her when she used to live here in Virginia. She lived a few minutes away, and I remember every night my dad, brothers, and I would go check on her. We’d stay at her house for about an hour. We’d chat a while, watch TV, or sometimes read her tabloid magazines. She loved reading The National Enquirer and every time we’d see her, she’d talk about the latest celebrity gossip.

Whenever my cousins would visit from South Carolina, we’d have sleepovers at Myrt’s house. Sometimes we’d sleep in one of the other rooms, other times we’d bunk in Myrt’s room by making a pallet in the floor.

One things I remember about staying at Myrt’s house is she had her junk food stash. She’d have Moon Pies, Cheetos, and Russell Stover candies. We would always be searching for her secret stash, which was usually by her chair.


When Myrt lived in Virginia, she ran an antique shop. I remember we used to go there to check out the latest things she got in to sell. When she used to babysit us at the shop, my cousins and I liked to go exploring in the storage room. She had old toys back there and we used to pull them out to play with them.

What I loved most about Myrt is her strong spirit. She didn’t take any crap from anyone; she kept the family in line. Whenever my aunt and cousins got into an argument, Myrt would tell them to shut up.

When I’m going through a difficult time, I wish that Myrt was still here to help out. But I know she’s still looking after us, and that gives me some comfort.


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