Lost & Found


I have a bad habit of losing things.

Most of the time it’s small items such as a piece of jewelry, a tube of lipgloss, a pen, or a coin. Other times, it can be something like a book, a shirt, or a pair of shoes.

Whenever I lose something, I won’t rest until I find it. I’ll search through the last place I saw it, yet it’s almost always not in the same spot. As I’m searching for this specific item, I get frustrated that I can’t find it. When this happens, I tell myself to take a break and look for it later.

After some time has passed, I’ll end up finding the item. A majority of the time, it’ll be in a spot I didn’t expect. I’m left wondering how it got there in the first place. I don’t remember putting it there and I know nobody else would touch my stuff.

It’s weird how you lose stuff and it find it in an unlikely place.

Has anything like this every happened to you?


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