Fear of Hospitals


I’ve heard a lot of people say they have a fear of hospitals.

You know at first, I didn’t understand the fear, but with the passing of time, I now realize their fear.

Let’s be honest, nobody likes going to the hospital.

But when there’s an emergency where we or a loved one gets sick, then we have to go.

Hospitals can be scary for people. When most people think of hospitals, they associate illness and death. That’s something a person never wants to think about, but whenever you’re in a hospital it crosses your mind.

Whether you or a loved one is getting treated, the fear amps up. You wonder if everything’s going to be okay. Will something go wrong? How long will it be before I hear news?

As the minutes pass, your worry increases.

I’ve had a couple of my family members in the hospital, some for minor issues others for more serious stuff. It’s hard seeing anyone having to go through surgery, and of course the worry is going to be there. But with any situation, you can’t let fear get to you. You have to pray and hope everything works out.



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