My Favorite Candy

I’m channeling my inner Homer Simpson for this post.


I love candy. As I’ve said before I have an enormous sweet tooth, and candy is my weakness.

My favorite candy is anything with chocolate. Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups is my #1 pick for candy. Whoever came up with mixing peanut butter and chocolate is a genius.


Other chocolate candies you’ll find in my stash are Kit Kats, Snickers, Butterfingers, 3 Musketeers, Milk Duds, M&M’s (especially peanut butter), and Baby Ruth.

Boy, I think I just named every candy bar they have on the market.


Aside from chocolate, I also like fruity candy.

Gummy bears is a snack I love to eat at nighttime or when I’m writing. It gives me a good boost if I need a shot of energy.

Skittles and Starburst are two of my other favorite candies. I have a quirky way of eating them. With Skittles, I’ll eat them in order. I start off with the orange, yellow, and green; then save the red and purple for last. As for the Starburst, I’ll eat them in the order of orange, yellow, pink, and red. This is a habit that I’ve had since I was a kid, and it’s something I haven’t been able to break.


I’d love to stay here and talk about candy all day, but my sweet tooth is kicking in.

Time to go find my secret stash.


2 thoughts on “My Favorite Candy

  1. We have much in common with our candy choices! It’s a beautiful thing. It’s nice to know how many people actually keep candy stashes – it is another thing that restores my faith in humanity


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