Work in Progress

Hello Everyone.

Today’s the last day of #WingWritingChallenge. L

I want to thank the lovely JC Wing for creating this month’s challenge. I’ve had a lot of fun writing the posts and I hope you all have enjoyed reading them.

For the last day of the challenge, I’m supposed to write about my work in progress.



A few weeks ago, I posted an excerpt from my romance/drama story Westmore 8. So for this post, I decided to share another work in progress. I’m the type of person who’s always working on multiple projects at once, even though I know I it can be hectic.

Anyway, it’s October and Halloween is around the corner. I was in the mood to work on a spooky story, so I decided to use one the book ideas I’ve been sitting on.

The name of the book is Abduction and it deals with the question of whether aliens exist. The premise of the story is a UFO skeptic starts to question their beliefs after a strange incident.


I just recently started the story, so there’s not much to share. But I’ve included a short snippet from Abduction.



Nervousness crept over Linda’s body as silence overcame the darkened room. Wiping her trembling hands on the black skirt, Linda tried to calm. Yet, it was no use. Her heart race as the minutes ticked by.

Hearing a metal click, Linda turned her head. But it was hard to see with the darkness. A bright light emerged from the left side. Linda shielded her eyes as a shadow emerged in the light. It was a short figure with a big, round head.

A screeching sound emanated, causing Linda to cover her ears. The figure turned its head, speaking to someone.


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