Heartstrings by Kelli McCracken

#Heartstrings from Author Kelli McCracken
#Free on #Amazon October 21 – 23
Forgetting the past
isn’t always a choice.
Jo Hayes is desperate for answers. After waking from a coma,
she faces a harsh reality. Amnesia has stolen six years of her life. The only
thing keeping her sane is her brother, Brighton, who vows to protect her at all
As fear and confusion dominate Jo, she struggles to regain
her memories. Pieces slowly emerge once she meets the mysterious Adam Hart.
Something about him strikes a nerve she can’t ignore, and the more she’s with
him, the harder she fights to remember.
While the flashbacks bring Jo closer to the truth, they
leave her physically drained. If her memories don’t return naturally, the truth
may destroy more than her mind. It may be the one thing that kills her.
Heartstrings is the
first installment in the Heart & Soul Series. If you like riveting romances
blended with love, loss, and hope, then you’ll enjoy Kelli McCracken’s gripping
look at one woman’s struggle to overcome the odds.

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