Least Favorite Question


Ever since I’ve started my writing career, I’ve participated in a few interviews.

I’ve had the usual questions about how my writing journey started, my inspiration, and writer’s block. I’ve also had some unique questions such as which would you rather do, skydiving or river rafting.

Doing interviews over the years, there’s certain questions I’ve come to like and others I don’t.

Least Favorite Question

Out of all the questions, I’ve been asked I have to say “Who’s your favorite author/book?” is my least favorite.

The reason is because I have so many authors and books I love. It’s hard to choose just one; I feel bad choosing one book or author over another.  I also know I can’t name off all my favorites because that would take forever.

Favorite Question

I love it when readers or interviewers ask fun questions. For instance, questions like what’s your favorite food, celebrity you’d cast in a biopic, or what celebrity would you like to be trapped on a desert island with?

I love these questions because not only are they fun, but I think they give you a glimpse into an author’s personality.

The main purpose of interviews is to promote your books and get your name out there, but I also feel it’s important for authors to give a little glimpse of their lives to readers. So by asking questions about hobbies, food, or favorite TV shows is a good way to showcase your fun side.


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