Rejection Letters

As a writer, there’s one thing we dread whenever we send our books off to publishers.

That’s the dreaded rejection letter.

I’ve talked about this in the past, and once again I’m going to touch on the subject.

When I first began my writing career, I sent my manuscript off to numerous publishers. They were small independent publishers and I figured I’d have a good shot at one of them accepting my book. Then my hopes were dashed as I began getting rejection after rejection.


Any writer will tell you that receiving a rejection letter is the worst feeling in the world. As I continued to get more of them, I began doubting myself. I thought my writing sucks. Nobody’s going to want to write my books so I might as well give up.

Then one day, I was reading an article that gave me hope. The article was about how big-name authors got rejected before their books were accepted. The list included authors such as JK Rowling, Margaret Mitchell, Stephen King, and James Patterson.

Reading the article made me realize that I wasn’t the only author who went through rejection. Other authors went through the same ordeal before they got published.

After reading the article, I got a boost in my self-esteem and continued with my pursuit of getting published. A few months later, I was accepted by a publisher.

For my fellow writers out there, who are suffering from the bout of rejection letters, all I say is “don’t give up.” Keep pursuing your dream because you never know, you could be the next JK Rowling.



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