Non-Fiction Books To Be Read

Do you own non-fiction books you’ve yet to read beyond the first page?

Aside from having a lot of fiction books, I also have a huge collection of nonfiction books.

A majority of my nonfictions books consists of haunted places, ghosts, werewolves, vampires, the afterlife, and angels. I guess you’ve figured out I have a fascination with the supernatural.


I’ve also been interested in this topic and collect just about any book I can get on the subject.

My collection is so huge, there’s books I haven’t gotten around to reading yet.

As for if there’s ever been a nonfiction book where I couldn’t get pass the first page.

That’s a tough question.

I try to read every book I own, no matter how bad it may be. I have started books, then stopped. The reason is because I had other books to review and I decided to put my current book on hold until I finish the review.

I’m sure there’s a few books that I haven’t finished reading, so I better get started on them. The problem is deciding what to read next.





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