Picture Inspiration

The topic for today’s challenge is if I’ve ever used a picture, social media post, or cartoon for inspiration for a story.

I’ve seen plenty of pictures, cartoons, and social media posts that would give lots of writers a dose of inspiration. However, I myself have never used them as motivation.

So for today’s post, I randomly chose a picture from my collection on my WordPress blog and wrote a story around it.

Here’ s what I came up with enjoy.


Evening arrived as Grace poured tea into her rose-colored mug. Taking a sip, she made sure it was to her liking.

Satisfied with the tea, she walked into the den. Pulling out the wooden chair, she sat at the desk. The notebook and pencil lay skewed on the surface.

Grace held the page of the journal steady as she picked up the pencil. Placing the led to the paper, Grace began writing as the words came into her head.

Dear Journal,

Nothing much to explain today. There’s really not much going on with life. I wish I could say things are better, but they’re not.

Work is getting more stressful. The boss keeps adding more tasks to me, while the other employees hardly do anything. I had to stay overtime all last week. As soon as I get home, I’m so tired I don’t want to do anything. I’m having trouble sleeping. I’m also getting headaches and back aches. This is becoming too much for me. I used to love my job, but now I resent it.

My professional life isn’t the only thing that’s taken a turn for the worse.

Jerry, the guy I’ve been dating turned out to be a cad. On Tuesday, he cancelled a date because he was sick. Yet, he seemed healthy when I saw him cuddling next to a blonde in an Italian restaurant. I so wanted to go over there and dump tomato sauce all over him. Yet, I refrained.

The next day, I broke up with him, much to his shock.

Jerry’s loss is someone else’s gain.

A lot of things are changing in my life. All of it seems negative, but I’ve also got to look on the positive side.

Jerry wasn’t the right man for me. It’s best I found out now, instead of later. As for my job, even though things are tough, I’m still sticking with it. Hopefully, things will get better. If not, I do have a few back up plans. I’ve been looking at other jobs that fit my skills. I’d love to have one of them and the clients are interested. If I get a job offer with one of them, I’m going to take it.

But no matter what happens, I just have to have faith everything will work out for the best.

Grace set the pencil down. A huge relief was lifted after writing down her feelings.

This was a nighttime ritual for her. She’d have her tea, then write in her journal.

Grace wasn’t good at sharing her feelings with other people, but writing allowed her to express herself.

She felt safe sharing her feelings when writing. She knew nobody would judge her or tell her to suck it up, then move on.

Closing the notebook, Grace finished the rest of her tea before turning in for the night.



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