Naming Characters

As an author, there’s some parts of writing that easy and others that are hard.

Naming characters is something that I consider to be sort of an in between with easy and hard.

You may think it’s easy, you just slap a name on a character and call it a day.

Nope. It’s not like that.

With characters, I like to give them unique names. Something that fits their personality.

So, how do I come up with these names?


Well, there’s a variety of ways.

First, most of the names are ones I already like. For instance, I’ve always loved the name Laney. When I was looking to name the youngest Mitchell sister in Going Home Again, I choose Laney. I think that name fit with the character’s bubbly personality that shows during the middle of the novel.

Another way I come up with names is through research on the Internet. I search for celebrities or a list of the most popular names of the last year. Through my Internet research, I’ve found a lot of names I never would’ve considered.  An example would be Peyton, one of the Mitchell sisters in Going Home Again. Since she was a rebel, I wanted a name that fit with her personality. Peyton was a cool name; one that I thought fit her well, so I decided to use it.

The next way I come up with character names is through the phone book. Don’t laugh, but it’s how I create the last names. Sometimes I use common names such as Reynolds or Donaldson. Yet, there are times when I want a last name that sticks out. I’ve found a few good names by using the phone book, while other times I have to resort to one of the previous methods to find a name.

These are all the search methods I use when naming characters. Now that I’ve got more book ideas swarming in my head, I think it’s time to create new characters names.

Stay tuned for whatever wacky name I come up with.


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