Life Insurance


Life insurance is something I have mixed feelings about.

On the one hand, I understand how it’s important. It provides financial assistance to your family following your death. I’ve seen numerous advertisements about how life insurance can help in a time of need.

So I can see why people want life insurance for themselves and their families. After watching the commercials and hearing stories from people, I can understand why it would be a good idea for everyone to have life insurance.

Even though life insurance seems like a good plan, there are times when it can be a bad idea.

This next part is my crime buff coming out. As you all know I watch a lot of crime shows. A majority of the cases revolves around spouses killing their partners to collect the life insurance. Some of the policies are in the 6 or 7 digits.

Seeing how greedy people are and the lengths they’ll go to get money has made me afraid of life insurance. I know nobody would ever do anything to me, yet watching these crime shows you can’t help but have a little paranoia.

Are you for or against life insurance?


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