Concert I want to go see

I have so many favorite musicians.

As I mentioned in previous posts, I love rock and country music. There’s so many artists I love, one of my favorites is Carrie Underwood.

She’s a huge favorite in our household. My family talked about one day going to see her in concert.


Now’s the question of would I go see her no matter what the cost.

Well, I love Carrie, but I’m not going to pay an arm and a leg to go see her performance.

It’d be nice to be up close to see her on stage, but I’d much rather have  a higher-up seat so I can see the entire stage. Besides I think you can get a better view from those seats.

Taking into consideration the price of the tickets along with gas, food, and other stuff; the most I’d pay is anywhere from $100-$200.

Anything over than that, I can forget about.

I didn’t get to see Carrie last year when her tour came near town, but maybe in the next couple years I can finally go see her.


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