Feel Like A Grown-Up


How do you know when you feel like a grown-up?

There are many moment in a person’s life where they feel like an adult. There’s milestones that they reach, where they feel they’ve reached adulthood.

Here’s a few examples.

*Turning 18 and graduating high school.

*Going to college.

*Buying your first lottery ticket.

*Turning 21 and having your first drink.

*Getting married and having kids.

*Moving out on your own.

*Getting your first job.

These are just a few things that make you feel like a grown-up.

With me, I felt like an adult when I turned 18. Everybody makes a big deal about that number, saying that’s when you officially become an adult.

In many ways, I agree with it because once you turn 18, a lot of things happen. You earn the right to vote, get to buy lottery tickets, and graduate high school. When you turn 18, it’s like a new life begins. You no longer feel like a child, there’ll be no more school. At 18, you say goodbye to childhood and embark on a new life filled with hope and possibilities.


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