Decade I Want To Live In

Which decade would I want to live in?

I’m sure that’s something everyone thinks about. They wonder what life would be like if they were born in an earlier or later decade.

I’m an 80s baby. Many consider that decade cool because of the fashion, music, and movies. I agree it was an awesome decade, even though I don’t remember much because I was born in 85. So I was still too young to remember all of the awesomeness.


There are other decades which have always fascinated me. For instance, the 1950s has stuck out to me, I guess it comes from watching the classic TV shows. To me life was simpler in those times. We didn’t have technology and things were less expensive back then. Don’t you wish you could go back to the times when you only had to pay a couple of cents for milk?

Another decade I would love to live in is the 70s. Sure the 80s were cool, but the 70s were even cooler. They had some of the best movies come out, plus let’s not forget disco and the fashion from that decade. My parents told me some of the stories of growing up in the 70s and hearing them talk about it made me fall in love with the decade.


I could picture myself wearing bell bottoms and getting down to the Bee Gees.


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