Wedding Points of View

Welcome everyone!

It’s the beginning of a new writing challenge called #FreeWritingChallenge created by JC Wing.

To kick off the first day, the prompt for today is

Describe a wedding from three different points of view

For this post, I decided to write a story with three characters and their points of view.

Hope you enjoy.



Mark took a deep breath as he and the groomsman walked out of the room. This was the big day. Three years of dating led to this big moment.

In his twenties, Mark never gave a thought about marriage. He’d rather stick to his bachelor lifestyle. There was so much freedom in going out every night, drinking and carousing the streets.

Yet, as Mark grew older, all his friends started to settle down. Watching his pals with their kids awakened feelings in Mark.  He always assumed once you married and had kids, it was the end of your life.

But it was the opposite. Mark saw how in love his friends were and the joy they got from being parents. The more time he spent with the families, the more Mark wished for that type of life.

He had a couple of bad dates at first, which made him think he’d never find the woman of his dreams.

That is until he met her.


Christina stood outside the door. As the minutes ticked by, she became nervous.

Three years ago, she’d given up on love. That is until a friend set her up with Mark. The moment Christina walked into the restaurant; she was taken by Mark’s killer smile.

As cliché as that sounds from that moment, they clicked. Mark had the appearance of a bad boy, but under that rough exterior was a sweetheart.

Christina was worried that once they were married, things would change. She heard stories from couples about how romance flew out the window once marriage hit.

Yet, as Reverend Baker said during one of the couple’s pre-wedding counsel sessions, “Marriage is hard work. Most people flee once a problem occurs. But if true love stands the test of time.”

Christina knew that there’d be tough times, but she and Mark were committed to each other. They’d handle anything that came their way.

The music emanated from the room. Christina took one last look in the mirror. Her lace, A-Line dress fitted her petite body to perfection.

Feeling a tap on her shoulder, Christina’s father handed her the yellow bouquet before hooking his arm with hers.

“Are you ready?”

“Yes.” Christina said with a smile.


“Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to join Mark and Christina in wedded bliss.”

As Reverend Baker began the ceremony, he thought about the couple in front of him. He’d known Christina since she was a little girl.

When she asked if he’d perform the ceremony, he was honored.

Christina was a lovely girl and Reverend Baker was happy to see she found a nice man to settle down with.

In the weeks, leading up to the ceremony he noticed Christina’s worry. One day during the counseling session, Christina admitted her fears.

Reverend Baker advised Christina and Mark on the hardships of marriage. Yet, it was up to them on whether they’d take his advice.

The reverend knew he didn’t have to worry. He knew when a couple would make it or not. Many young couples came in, not knowing the hardships of marriage, then within a year were divorced.

But Mark and Christina weren’t going to be like that. Reverend Baker could tell from the love they had for each other, they’d survive any obstacle.

“Mark, do you take Christina to be your wife?”

“I do,” Mark said with a big grin.

“Christina, do you take Mark to be your husband?”

“I do.” Christina’s eyes twinkled with the words.

“By the power invested in me, I know pronounce you man and wife.”



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