Unpacking a Suitcase

Welcome everyone to day 4 of #FreeWritingChallenge.

I hope you’ve enjoyed the stories I’ve written so far because they’re are plenty more to come.

Today’s post is to write about unpacking a suitcase.

So I’ve worked up a short story that I hope you’ll like.



Walking into my bedroom, I toss the duffel and tote bags on the floor before collapsing onto the bed.

I just returned from a five day vacation to the beach. It was great, although all that time in the water caused my pale body to turn bright pink.

Placing my hands behind my head, I intend to rest for a few minutes. But that’s soon broken by my mother shouting to unpack my suitcase and put my clothes in the hamper.

Realizing I won’t be able to relax, I jump from bed to comply with her order.

Setting the bags on the bed, I slowly begin to unpack. I struggle to open duffel bag as the zipper becomes halfway stuck. After a few minutes along with curse words (luckily my mom’s not around to hear them) I finally open the bag.

No wonder I had trouble opening the bag, it’s jam-packed with clothes. Why did I pack so much for a short trip?

I begin pulling the shirts and shorts out of the bag. I toss the pile on the bed, then sift through it to see if anything else got mixed in. I notice a couple of books mixed into the pile. One’s about haunted lighthouses, the other is about the history of the Carolina coast.

Funny, I could’ve sworn I put these in the tote bag. But during my rush this morning, I was just throwing stuff into bags without giving them a second glance.

Continuing my unpacking, I pull out my flip flops, which I return to the closet. I then pull out a small paper bag containing the sand dollar earrings and necklace I brought at the small shop by the hotel. I set that on my dresser before returning to my bags. I pull out the last articles of clothing, which are my pajamas. I set them into the pile, then turn to the tote bag.

The tote bag isn’t as crammed as the duffel. Sifting through, I find the bag of seashells to add to my collection. I’ve got a mason jar that would be perfect for holding them. That will be my project for tomorrow.

I remove another pair of sandals, then my swimsuit. Making sure the bags are empty, I set them in the closet. I then walk across the hall to place my clothes in the hamper.

Down the hall, I can hear my mom ordering my little brother to get off his butt.

A mischievous smile escapes my lips. At least, I got my unpacking with so I won’t have to deal with her wrath.

Walking back to my room, I curl up on the bed. Going through my phone, I look at the pictures of the beach. Even though the planning was a hassle, I had a good time on the trip.

Hearing my brother arguing with my mom, I look to the closet.

Maybe it’s not too late to repack and head back to the beach.


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