Blindfold, Plane Ticket & Coffee

Hello everyone!

Welcome to Day 5 of #FreeWritingChallenge.

For today’s post, I’m to write about a blindfold, a plane ticket, and a cup of coffee.

So without further ado, here’s what I concocted.



Cynthia sat in the kitchen of her Pennsylvania home. With a cup of coffee in front of her, Cynthia tried to chase away the birthday blues.

Today was her fiftieth birthday. It wasn’t the age that bothered her, in fact she embraced getting older. The problem was, she was spending the day alone.

Her husband, Richard was away on a business trip. Being the wife of an ad executive, she was used to his busy schedule. She just wished work hadn’t taken him away during this special day.

To make matters worse, their daughters Kaitlin and Marley couldn’t come in due to exams.

Cynthia hoped to spend this day with her family. Yet, work and college came first. Cynthia assumed the birthday celebration would have to wait.

Stirring the spoon in the mocha flavored coffee, Cynthia’s attention was distracted by the cell phone lighting up.

Reaching for the phone, she saw a text from her husband.

Sorry, I can’t be there for your birthday. But don’t worry; I have a surprise for you.

Happy birthday, my beautiful wife.

Love, Richard. XOXO

A smile curled on Cynthia’s lips, the message was enough to elevate her mood. Then curiosity got the best of her. What’s Richard’s surprise?

The doorbell rang, causing Cynthia to jump from her seat. Rushing to the front of the house, she flung open the door expecting Richard to be on the porch. Yet, nobody was there. A quick glance revealed no signs of any people.

Feeling dejected, Cynthia went to go inside when she spotted the envelope tapped to the door. Her name was written in red ink.

Opening the envelope, she saw a birthday card with a flower design. The inside included a message written by Richard.

My darling wife. On this special day, you deserve a big treat.

Please follow my instructions.

Get dressed and pack your suitcase. Be sure to pack your bathing suit. Maybe the black polka dot one.

You have one hour, so hurry.

Cynthia wondered what Richard had planned. As she re-read the card, she realized time was of the essence. She had one hour to pack before the big surprise.



Cynthia rolled the burgundy suitcase down the stairs. Not knowing where she was going, she just picked whatever outfit stuck out. She quickly folded the clothes and set them in the case. She made sure to pack the polka dot swimsuit like Richard requested.

Setting the suitcase and purse on the ground, Cynthia looked at the clock. Fifty minutes had passed, so any minute now, the surprise would arrive.

She paced the foyer, her mind running rampant. She was going on a trip, that much was certain. But where and with whom?

A knock broke Cynthia’s concentration. Opening the door, she saw an elderly man dressed in a black suit with matching cap.

“Hello, ma’am.” The man tipped his cap. “I’m here to pick you up.”

Cynthia looked behind the man, there parked near the curb was a limo. Shock overcame her at the sight.

“Can you tell me where we’re going?”

“Sorry, ma’am. I’m not at liberty to say.”

Cynthia shrugged, then handed the bags to the limo driver. As he took the luggage to the vehicle, Cynthia locked the door and set the alarm.

As she stepped off the porch, she noticed the driver holding a white cloth.

“What’s that for?” She pointed to the cloth.

“I was told to make sure you wore this.”


“He said it was a surprise.”

Cynthia should’ve known that Richard would be top secret when it came to surprises. So far this morning had been full of them.

The driver tied the blindfold around Cynthia’s eyes, then helped her into the backseat. Hearing the door close, Cynthia allowed herself to relax. Lifting a corner of the blindfold up, Cynthia cast a sneak peek at the limo’s leather interior.

“Whoa! This is nice,” Cynthia said in a low voice.

If Richard went all out with a limo, there’s no telling what else he had in store.

When the driver’s door opened, Cynthia lowered the blindfold.



The limo ride was a smooth one, although there was the occasional turns and stops. Yet, Cynthia enjoyed it. She estimated they had to be on the road for at least twenty minutes, maybe longer. There was no telling how much longer they’d have before reaching the destination. Yet, the more the drive went on, the more excited Cynthia became.

Cynthia slid in her seat as the limo made a sharp turn. The driver offered his apologies as the vehicle came to a stop.

We must be here. Cynthia went to take off her blindfold, but the driver told her not to. Complying with his wishes, Cynthia remained in her seat.

The door opened and a hand reached for Cynthia to help her out.

Car horns and people talking filled the air. In the distance, she heard what sounded like a jet engine.

“Where are we?”

Cynthia felt the blindfold dropped as her eyes adjusted to the sight of the airport.

“Are you surprised?” a man whispered from behind her.

Cynthia turned to face Richard.

“Honey.” She wrapped her arms around his neck. “What are you doing here? I thought you were away on business.”

“That was just a rouse for your surprise.”

A huge smile illuminated her face.

“Did you honestly think I’d miss your birthday?” Richard kissed her hand.

“We’ve been together for thirty years and you still know how to surprise me.”

“Yes, and I’ve got a bigger one for you.” Reaching into his blazer pocket, he pulled out two plane tickets.

Cynthia looked at the tickets, which were for Miami. “We’re going to Florida?”

“I thought it’d be nice to escape the cold of Pennsylvania.”

“Richard, this is too much.”

“Nothing’s too much for my wifey.” He kissed her cheek. “By the way, there’s one more surprise.” He handed the phone to Cynthia.

On the screen was a video of Kaitlin and Marley. They were wearing sundresses and sitting on the beach.

“Hi, mom.” The girls waved.

“Hi girls.” Cynthia waved back. “Are the two of you in Florida?”

“Yes, we are,” Kaitlin answered.

“We helped dad plan everything,” Marley chimed in. “We figured this would be a good birthday treat.”

“It certainly is.” Cynthia looked to Richard, then back at the screen.

“We’ve got the place all set up. Now, we just need you here to start the fun.”

“We’ll be there in a few hours,” Richard spoke up. “You behave yourselves.”

“We will.” The girls said in unison. “Happy Birthday, Mom.”

Cynthia blew a kiss as the call ended.

“Are you ready to begin your birthday trip?”

Cynthia looked at the plane ticket, then hooked her arm through Richard’s. What started off as a bad day soon turned into one of the best birthdays Cynthia would ever have.




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