2 Things That Should Always Go Together

Today’s post is about two things that should always go together.

There’s many combinations I can think of, yet what two things do I choose?

As I was writing this post, the hunger bug crept up on me. It got me thinking about food and how I like to experiment with different combinations.

Then I started thinking about my favorite candy, peanut butter cups.


Chocolate and peanut butter together is a lethal combination.

I know some people don’t like it, but to me I love it. You have the saltiness and creaminess of peanut butter along with the sweetness of chocolate. All those elements create one decadent treat.

Once you eat a peanut butter cup, there’s no going back. You’ll become addicted to them. It’s one of those food combinations, you wouldn’t think works well, but to your surprise it does.

Whoever created peanut butter cups is a genius.

Speaking of, I need to see if we’ve got any of the candies on hand.

See ya’ll later.


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