Frightening Things Said To Me


What’s the most frightening things someone ever said to you?

As I was writing this post, the first thing that popped into my head was how scared I was of monsters as a child. Of course, now I’m not scared of them, in fact I love them.

Anyway, as a child I remembered my older brother and my cousin used to watch horror movies. I used to try to watch the films with them, I wanted to act like a brave, big girl. Yet, I always ended up getting scared and sleeping with the light on.

My brother and my cousin thought this was funny, so they used to play tricks on me.

They used to make up stories to spook me.

Some of the ones that stick are my parents were actually aliens.

There were crazy killers who lived down the road, who would get me.

There are killer clowns from outer space, who would land on earth.

Those were just some of the things they said to spook.

Looking back, I realize how silly their stories were. Yet, as a seven year-old you’ll believe anything.


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