Interesting Person in My Life


Today’s #FreeWritingChallenge post is to write about a person who make my life interesting.

For this post, I decided to write about my great uncle Jimmy.

He’s one of those people you just have to meet. Sure, I say that about everyone. But in my family, you’ve got to see them for yourselves to see what I’m talking about.

Jimmy is my grandma’s youngest brother, he’s fifteen years younger than her. He and my grandma live right next to each other, so everyday they see each other. He goes up to her house to mow the grass or do anything else that needs to be fixed.

Whenever I visit my grandma, I always go down to Jimmy’s house. He can usually be found working on one of his cars or looking for something in his cluttered shed. Most of the time he’s sitting on the porch, feeding one of the stray cats that hangs around.

I get tickled because whenever we’re at Jimmy’s house, he like to boss me around. We’ll be sitting around playing cards, then all of a sudden Jimmy will holler, “Carol, go get me a drink and a pack of nabs.” So naturally, I comply.

One thing you need to know about Jimmy is he loves to tease people. He picks on me and my mom the most. It’s nothing mean; it’s all in good fun.

With my mom, he’s always getting her to cook for him. He never comes out and asks, he hints around at it. For instance, during the holidays he’ll talk about how he has a hankering for banana pudding or a green bean casserole.

My favorite moments with Jimmy are when we play UNO. Usually, it’s the guys against the girls. Although, sometimes I do team up with Jimmy. When Jimmy and his team wins, he likes to showboat and tell us girls to practice for the next game. Then when he loses, he blames his partner, although a majority of the time it’s Jimmy’s fault they lost.

There’s never a dull moment with Jimmy around. With the holidays upon us, I’m sure Jimmy’s going to have us cooking or engaging us in a game of UNO.


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