Box Full of Books

If I were to pack a box of books to give myself 10 years in the future, what would I choose?


Instead of a box, I may need a tote.

I’ve got so many books that I’m running out of room on my shelves. Plus I keep adding to my never ending collection that I’ll have enough reading material to last for 10 years.

I’ve got tons of books I haven’t read yet, but I’m anxious to get started on them. So I’d choose a couple of books from my collection along with buying a few new ones.

Now, what books will go in the box?

I’d choose a little bit of everything. I’d try to incorporate nonfiction and fiction along with an assortment of genres.

First off, I have to have a ghost book. I’d probably choose one from my unread collection, but which one?

Well, after going through my collection, I decided on Haunted Lighthouses and True Ghosts. As you all know, I’m a paranormal fanatic, especially with ghosts. I’d take these two books because of course I love a good ghost story. Also, I love lighthouses so I curious to read about the haunting as some of the beacons.

Next up, I’d include some romance books. I’d include a Harlequin book, something heartwarming. I’d also include a Colleen Hoover book, since I’m now hooked on her writing.

For something with suspense, I’d choose something from Stephen King. Probably, Under the Dome since I was a fan of the show and want to read the book. Actually, I did get started on it a while back, but took a break to review other books. So maybe by this time I’ll be able to get started on it again.


Rounding out the last of the books and if I have any room left, I’d include books from some of my favorite indie authors. I’d definitely include Concordant Vibrancy from All Authors along with books from Cathy Jackson, Addison Kline, and Samantha Jacobey.


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