Favorite Fairytale

What is your favorite fairytale? What title would you give it for today’s market?

I’m a fan of fairytales.

Growing up I enjoyed reading stories and watching the Disney movies based on fairytales. I loved how the Prince and Princess fall in love, then overcome obstacles to live happily ever after.

I loved all the fairytales. Cinderella, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, and Beauty and the Beast are the main ones that stick out for me.

Out of all those, I’d say I’m partial to Cinderella since it’s the first fairytale I watched.


The reason I was drawn to it is because Cinderella was a kind-hearted person. She did a lot for others, yet was treated badly by her stepmother and stepsisters.

I think we all could relate to Cinderella in a way. I’m sure there’s been some point in our lives where we’ve done a lot for a person, yet got treated badly in return.

In the end, Cinderella finally gets the happy ending she deserves. She marries her Prince, then goes to live in a castle.

Now, if Cinderella were to get remade today, it’d need a new title.

I’m bad at coming up with titles, so this was a bit of a challenge.

I originally thought about Ella Gets Her Revenge, but I thought that sounded too horror and criminal. We all know Cinderella wouldn’t be that cruel to someone.

So, I needed a more subtle title to showcase Cinderella’s story.

Here’s a few titles I came up with:

Glass Slipper Princess

Love Before Midnight

Ella’s Ever After

Stepsister Gets the Prince

I know these titles sound corny, yet it’s the best I could come up with. Maybe someone can help me come up with a new title for Cinderella.


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