3 Unlovable Things I Like

What are 3 unlovable things that I like?

Hmm…when writing this post, I tried to think of stuff that other people don’t like, but I do.


I know most people would consider this the #1 thing they don’t love. I can see in some instances why people may not like work. Yet, it’s what pays the bills, so we’ve got to do it.

With me, I enjoy work. Mainly it’s because I work at home, but I know some people don’t have that luxury. I believe work can be fun if you’re doing something that you love. For instance, writing allows me the creativity to express my ideas.

I believe work can be enjoyable if you find ways to make it fun. Sure, there’s probably not much you can do in an office or store setting. But you’ve got to find unique ways to make your job enjoyable.



When I was younger I used to freak out at the sight of insects. As I’ve gotten older, my fear as diminished somewhat. I still get scared at some insects, but I’ve come to like some of the critters.

I love ladybugs, grasshoppers, ants, bumble bees, and Granddaddy Long Legs. Yet, with other insects, I’m a bit skittish around them.


Cold Weather

I’ve seen a lot of my online friends proclaim they hate winter. I can understand why some people hate cold weather, but for me I like it. I’m not a fan of hot, humid weather, so when winter rolls around, I get excited. I especially love when it snows, I love to get out in the white fluff and play with my dogs.

It’s just something about cold weather that gets me into a good mood. I guess it’s because I associate cold weather with the holidays and the magic of the season.



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