Strangest Thing I’ve Inherited


What is the strangest thing you’ve inherited?

This post was a bit hard to write because I really haven’t been given anything strange.

Most of the stuff I’ve received over the years has been normal.

Over the years, I was given jewelry from my grandma and my aunt. Most of it was costume with lots of big beads and pendants. Some of the pieces weren’t of my style, but still it’s the thought that counts.

I’ve also inherited some figurines over the years. My family’s a huge collector of figurines so many of the treasured items have been passed down over the years.

My mom inherited a bunch of figurines from her grandparents. She has everything from owls to unicorns to clowns. Some of the figurines we have displayed in our home, while the others are safely tucked away in a box.

These are the only things I’ve inherited and none of them come close to weird, while maybe the figurines are. But still these are cherished items that mean something to me and I couldn’t bear to part with.


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